Winning Bid

Applying for funding is something all schools will need to do at some point. The combination of strong competition and tight budgets it’s important to make sure your school’s bid stands out.

The pressure on school leadership teams to secure funding can be intense and stressful, here at Educate we understand this and have teamed up with Ellery Consulting to help make the process simpler.  We offer a full bid writing service as well as bid writing workshops. The aim of these workshops is to develop the knowledge and skills needed to write successful grant applications. Ellery Consulting has five years of experience writing successful bids for schools and over that period they have been able to secure just under £1 million of funding for schools nationwide. These workshops utilise this experience to provide insight into how grant decisions are made and help your school avoid common mistakes.

Some simple tips:

  1. Have a clear plan for the funds. It is far more effective to approach a funder with a planned proposal than simply requesting cash.
  2. Find a funder who suits your vision and project. Look at their objectives and pick one which complement your proposed project.
  3. Get advice from experts.
  4. Utilise all your communication channels this can include newsletters, your schools website and social media feeds. This allows your school community to be involved in the project.
  5. Be confident and committed to the details of your project. Show the funder you have done your research and believe in the project.
  6. If you are using any statistic make them clear and concise. In a vast number of application funders can become confused by long lists of school statistics.
  7. Remember to provide supporting documents to strengthen your bid.
  8. Get someone else to look over your bid before you submit it. To make sure you haven’t forgotten anything important and check for simple errors.

Some Common mistakes:

  1. Failing to complete the bid application as per the funder specifications. If they ask for something directly make sure it is attached
  2. Incorrect or incomplete applications: check all your calculation, grammar and spelling.
  3. Failing to be clear in how the funds will be utilised.
  4. Not detailing the value of funds they wish to bid for.

Remember if bid writing seems like a daunting process get in touch and we can help make the process less stressful by providing you with the knowledge and skills to write a bid yourself through our workshops or writing the bid for you.


Bid Writing Workshop