Do you have an unqualified teacher in your school who you would like to support to gain QTS?

Do you have a member of teaching staff in your school who you would like to support to become a Qualified Teacher? If they have worked in your school, and another school, it may be possible for them to gain QTS via the Assessment Only (AO) route, which means they would be able to remain at your school, fulfilling their usual role.

The Assessment Only route is for those who can demonstrate that they already meet all the standards required for QTS, and therefore do not need to undertake a yearlong training course. The entry criteria can be broken down as follows:

  • They must have taught in at least two schools (primary or secondary)
  • They must have C-Grade or above in English and Maths GCSE (or equivalent). If you want to become a Primary teacher, a C-Grade in Science is also required
  • They must have a degree from a UK institution (or equivalent)
  • They will need to pass the Professional Skills Tests (Numeracy and Literacy) prior to beginning the assessment

Achieving QTS through this route usually takes one term, and the teacher in question is required to present evidence, in the form of a portfolio, which is assessed against QTS standards. They will also be observed in the classroom by an assessor.

Here at Educate Teacher Training, we are an accredited provider or the Assessment Only (AO) Route. If you would like more information, please e-mail