Are you struggling to recruit teachers?

We are hearing from our colleagues in schools about their continuous struggle with recruiting teachers, across a range of subjects and phases.

One solution that you now need to consider seriously is training your own teachers. Whilst there is a level of commitment required from your school – largely of staff time – the overall value to your school can significantly outweigh this. Trainees can make exceptional contributions to the school community; they often bring fresh ideas, they provide professional development opportunities for existing staff and they can provide extra capacity. During their training year you can teach the trainees about your school’s ethos and philosophy and you can develop trainees’ strengths in areas that will really benefit your school & department. Because you shape their training it is quite possible that you will want to recruit them once they have completed their initial year.

We can provide an accredited and Ofsted regulated training programme for you – and tailor it to meet your school’s exact requirements. Our support covers candidate recruitment, interview and selection, ongoing support and training for trainees, support and training for school mentors and quality assurance.

It is possible that you already have someone who works in your school or within your network who you may like to support through teacher training – perhaps a current teaching assistant or cover supervisor. If you would like to host a trainee but do not have anyone specific in mind we can help you to recruit a suitable person.

If this is something you would like to discuss further, please call me on 01476 512793 or fill in the form below.

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