Head Teachers

Head Teachers

We make it easier for you to achieve positive, sustainable outcomes

As statutory and Ofsted obligations become more and more complex, it’s increasingly hard for head teachers to make sense of and comply with change.

We have 15 years’ of experience helping schools adapt quickly to new policy. Whether it’s a major initiative like performance-related pay or subtle changes to risk management protocol, we immediately work out the implications and devise a straightforward way for you to comply.

From training and performance management tools to training courses, our head support services help you provide pupils and teachers with the best resources while overcoming the many challenges you face.

Educate's research, development and systems give our school real confidence to tackle the issues involved - which are both significant and challenging.

Gordon TillmanHead Teacher, Oakley School, Tunbridge Wells


Educate standard tracker


Make your appraisals easier, faster and more effective

Standards Tracker is a user-friendly online appraisal system that makes it easy for you to prove the link between performance management and tackling teacher underperformance.

At the click of a button you can monitor teacher improvement against standards, quickly assess school performance and reduce admin associated with performance management.

Watch a video on how Standards Tracker improves appraisals while reducing admin

As a head teacher (and inspector), I think your tool is a perfect way to capture some of the information that is needed to help create a reliable evidence base.

Carl McCarthyHead Teacher, Newlands Primary School, Hampshire



We give you peace of mind you’re providing the best oversight

Ofsted considers governance to be an integral part of overall school performance, and schools have been downgraded due to perceived lack of governor involvement, lack of rigorous oversight and lack of proper oversight. This means that governing bodies must be more focused, more knowledgeable, more organised and more rigorous than ever before.

We provide a range of governor support services that are comprehensive as well as flexible, and can be tailored to the individual needs of your school. We generally start with a strategic governance review to identify priority actions, and can then advise on head teacher appraisals, policy development, safeguarding, tracking underperformance and committee structure as required.

All our practitioners are highly trained and experienced in school governance, including National Leaders of Governance and current chairs of governing bodies. Our support has led to positive feedback from Ofsted:

Robust systems and processes enable leaders to monitor and evaluate the school’s performance and effectively manage the performance of teachers and other adults.

Ofsted Report 2013Humphrey Perkins School, Loughborough


Training Co-ordinators

We support you with every aspect of training and procurement, making it easier for you to provide the best

We have helped schools and networks with training for more than 15 years.

More than 1,000 delegates attend our head teacher training each year, and they consistently rate our training as outstanding. Our training for middle and senior leaders offers informative, practical advice on effective performance management.

We have worked with more than 175 partnership schools across with UK providing initial teacher training that shapes aspiring teachers into outstanding educators.

A very thorough and informative morning. A very down-to-earth approach from someone who has been there and done it.

Rebecca CooganHead Teacher, St. Brigid's Catholic Primary School, Birmingham


Aspiring Teachers

Train with Educate and enjoy a lifetime of opportunity

Whether you are a graduate or a career changer, we will give you the resources and support you need to be an outstanding teacher.

You will never feel like you’ve been thrown in at the deep end. We help you every step of the way, during your training and beyond.

In fact, with 15 years’ experience providing teacher training and school support services (including recruitment and performance management), we act as your career passport for decades of successful teaching.

Learn more about what we offer trainees by visiting our teacher training website

Are you a school looking to support trainee teachers? We can be your training partner. Learn more

The in-school training has been amazing from subject the mentors, and was mirrored in the external training provided by Educate, who offered a wealth of knowledge and experience regarding general pedagogy alongside subject specific training opportunities.

Jane-Anne HootonSecondary Design & Technology Trainee