Middle & Senior Leader Training

Informative and inspirational training that makes you a more effective leader

Training senior and middle leaders to develop effective appraisal practice is crucial when setting performance objectives for teachers and monitoring and reviewing their performance. This is especially important now that Ofsted has a clear focus on links between teacher performance and pay and the outcomes for children.

Our training for middle and senior leaders is designed to help you develop effective appraisal practice, so you’re best positioned to develop teachers’ performances and support robust pay decisions.

A really informative, relevant session with practical advice.

Kirsty Carr, Grange Park Primary, London

How we help

Managing Talent & Identifying Future Leaders

We give you frameworks to help you nurture the teachers in your department.

Our courses give you an overview of the performance-related pay agenda, and an opportunity to consider teaching and leadership standards in the context of your school’s expectation of performance.

You’ll learn how to audit performance against the classroom teachers’ standards, teaching over time and, where relevant, wider leadership standards. This covers:

  • Exploration of evidence and procedures using our Standards Tracker appraisal materials and templates
  • Practical examples of robust action-planned and time-focused objectives
  • An opportunity to develop practical, worked school-specific examples

Building Confidence in Your Leadership Skills

From September 2014, pay progression decisions will be dependent on the teacher’s performance rather than an annual incremental progression for those on the main pay scale (and a two-yearly rise for those on the upper pay scale). From September 2015, pay progression decisions for leadership posts will also change.

Our training is designed to help you develop your confidence when auditing teachers’ performance against your school’s expectations. It will also help you understand the role of Ofsted and governors.

At the end of the course you’ll be confident in conducting appraisals, making pay recommendations and setting robust, action-planned objectives that help teachers improve over time.


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