Initial Teacher Training

Recruit promising talent and shape them into outstanding educators

We make it easy to participate in School Direct and School-Centred Initial Teacher Training (SCITT) by providing an accredited training programme that meets your exact school or consortium requirements.

Through our initial teacher training programme we’ve worked with more than 175 partnership schools over 15 years.

From application processing and bursary facilitation to complete training management, we give you the exact support you need to get the most out of your trainees and provide the best experience.

A successful partnership contributing to ensuring quality teaching professionals. Administration was excellent, and communication was very efficient. [We had] an open and honest relationship with the Educate tutor resulting in an outstanding outcome.

Tess White, NQT/ITT Lead & Senior Mentor, Bilton School

How we help

Candidate Recruitment, Interview & Selection

We screen applicants for required entry requirements and run a rigorous testing and interview process. We also match trainees and schools to ensure a compatible fit.

Ongoing Support & Training For Trainees

As well as an in-school mentor, trainees have a dedicated professional tutor at Educate to oversee their training. Tutors conduct five school visits over the year to observe the trainee teach.

We offer 15 days of external training at one of our training facilities to allow for knowledge enhancement, reflection and advice as well as objective setting. We also offer 20 days’ teaching experience in another school, plus five further days in a contrasting setting, e.g. a special school.

Read more about what we offer trainees by visiting our teacher training website

Initial Training & Ongoing Support for School Mentors

Every trainee has a mentor and senior mentor in school who deliver a weekly training programme.

We provide initial training and ongoing support to these mentors through regular school visits.

Online Tracking of Trainees’ Progress

Our Standards Tracker performance management software makes the process of tracking trainee teachers’ progress much easier. It gives you regular updates throughout the academic year, producing a live performance picture of the cohort of trainees at different schools.

Performance levels are colour-coded to allow analysis to be undertaken with greater ease, and guidance on setting objectives and short-term goals to the relevant standard is provided.

Being online allows all data and documents, including our standardised lesson observation templates, to be uploaded and collated on to one system, saving valuable administrative time. This means you can easily use triangulation in evaluating performance, because the system automatically links monitoring form content to teaching standards. You’ll also see improved communication between teachers and appraisers.


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