School Business Continuity Plan: does your school have one?

All Maintained Schools and Academies are required to have an up to date School Business Continuity Plan (SBCP). 

Do you have one in place?

Academies are required to have a SBCP (see section 2.3.5 of the Academies Financial Handbook 2013)
Maintained Schools are also required by the School Financial Values Standards (SFVS) to have a SBCP (see Q.23 of SFVS and Embedded Notes)

A School Business Continuity Plan (SBCP) sets out the strategy and procedures to be followed should any situation arise which will have a significant impact to a school continuing its core operations, functions and services.

A SBCP is to be activated following any emergency planning. A School Continuity Business Plan is a key document that all schools must own. Without a defined plan on how to deal with a critical event, a school could suffer huge financial and reputational damage, as well as risk of non-compliance if the school fall foul of any applicable regulations. The effects could be disastrous to a school.

It is imperative that the students’ education does not suffer as a result of a school being ill prepared for a critical event. Therefore the core strategy of a Continuity Plan is the continuity of education.  However it is a time consuming process to complete and with the Headteacher and School Business Manager increasing workloads, you might struggle to find the time to complete this arduous yet necessary work.

In order to create a School Continuity Business Plan you will need to do the following:

  • Understand the key objectives, which need to be specific to your school.
  • Create a key and process-flows to determine if and when the Continuity Plan should be activated.
  • Create a structured business strategy to be implemented following a critical event, accounting for the varying degrees of severity as well as the different possible scenarios.
  • Liaise with local schools to establish mutual support agreements.
  • Collate a comprehensive list of contact details.
  • Establish a response team including details and delegation of individual responsibilities prior to, during and following a critical event.

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The School Business Continuity Plan is a point of reference for all necessary contact details, processes, strategies and guidance for the school following a critical event. The school should evaluate any events that may occur and determine whether the School Business Continuity Plan should be activated. All the information enclosed in the School Business Continuity Plan document will equip a school to manage a situation effectively and efficiently to ensure the continual provision of teaching for its pupils whilst taking steps to return the school to ‘’business as usual’’ (BAU).

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