Nigel Middleton to retire in July 2015

A note from Nigel: 

Dear Colleague,

After 16 years of travelling around the country helping with appraisal and pay progression issues, I will be retiring from this area of work in July 2015 – although I will go on advising Educate as it continues to grow.

As a follow-up to the advice that Neil and I have been able to provide on our national courses, I have especially enjoyed the opportunity it has given me to go into individual schools and work with senior teams, appraisers, whole staff groups and governors.

If you had it at the back of your mind to make use of me in this way in the future, please ensure this happens before July – after which time I plan to be spending more and more time watching the world go by from the balcony of our flat in Istanbul!

With every best wish – and sincere thanks for the many kind comments that have made a potentially dull vocation so worthwhile over the years.

If you do wish to make use of Nigel between now and July, please contact Nicky –