Practical Tips for Schools

Every school is different, but there are valuable lessons you can learn from your peers.

Having helped more than 4,000 schools, we have a deep understanding of the problems you face – and a proven track record in solving them.

Read our Noticeboard for practical tips on a range of challenges – from handling the introduction of performance-related pay and infant free school meals to training new teachers and setting up schools abroad.

Launch of Knowledge Base – a free resource for schools

Knowledge Base launched Educate has collected research, templates and information from the Web together with its own internally produced materials on performance management to help schools develop their staff feedback and appraisal systems.  By reading the relevant research, looking at examples of documents such as appraisal objectives and lesson observation forms you can use these […]

Research reveals that performance is boosted by coaching styles of management

Performance boosted by prioritising development Performance management researchers are heralding the rise of ‘coaching’ styles of management performance, as studies suggest that a focus on individual employees’ development and progression is key to boosting overall workplace performance and productivity.  Surveys suggest that managers who focus on getting to know and understand workers’ individual strengths and […]

Middle Leaders provide secret to school performance

The work of middle leaders in schools has become increasingly important to school performance in recent decades, with education sector experts and researchers alike highlighting the benefits of an effective middle leadership team. Whilst strong overall performance management remains fundamental to staff improvement and motivation – with one study finding that management quality accounts for […]

Are we still practising eminence-based teaching?

I listened to the Freakonomics podcast last week titled: Bad Medicine, Part 1: The Story of 98.6. The podcast is worth a listen just to learn about how we came to use 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit as the basis for a healthy body temperature. However, what struck me was the discussion of how medicine has moved from […]