Linking teacher CPD to learner needs with exemplar appraisal objective

The Teacher Development Trust published an article recently which outlined how you can ensure that your teachers’ professional development is being driven by your pupils’ learning needs by making a link between the two when setting appraisal objectives.  This is something that Educate has found to be very effective in our work with schools on improving their performance management systems.  We recommend that teachers work with identified individual pupils when looking to improve aspects of their teaching, e.g. questioning quiet pupils, as this makes measuring impact much clearer and impacts on the learning needs of those pupils.

The Teacher Development Trust’s research indicates this strong focus on pupil learning needs is essential to engage your staff throughout the CPD process and the appraisal year.

In our online performance management system, Standards Tracker, we look at Agreed Events, Agreed Support and Impact Measures.  Here is an exemplar objective to help think about how to address this:

Appraisal Objective: 

To develop my professional practice so that Shabnam and Dean – two pupils whose lack of motivation represent my biggest professional challenge – can achieve this target

Relevant Teacher Standards: 1.2, 1.4 and 1.5

Agreed Events

  1. Produce a brief record of strategies to be followed with each pupil identified on the Objective Planner – together with any support needs
  2. Explore S&D’s motivation in other areas
  3. Discussion with S&D
  4. Observation in areas where they are motivated
  5. Discuss proposed programme with appraiser
  6. Produce detailed action plan
  7. Implement, monitor and evaluate

Agreed Support

  1. Advise on proposed target group strategies
  2. Help arrange professional discussion and lesson observation with appropriate colleagues
  3. Discuss detailed action plan
  4. Formal mid-cycle review
  5. Lesson observation focussing on S&D
  6. Informal discussion and advice

Impact Measures

  1. Lesson observation; particular focus on Shabnam and Dean’s work and motivation
  2. Monitoring of S&D’s work
  3. Monitoring of planning with regard to S&D
  4. Informal feedback from S&D and their parents
  5. Test/Examination results

Find out more about Standards Tracker:

If you would like a demonstration of Standards Tracker (which takes 30 minutes), please email, call the team on 020 3411 1080 or request a demonstration through our website here.  We provide a whole host of support documents such as the exemplar objectives above as part of the subscription and these are based on over eighteen years of work in the area of appraisal by our experts including Nigel Middleton.

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