Inspiring Governors

The Inspiring Governors Alliance has launched a campaign today to encourage more people to become school governors. This group of Head teachers’ organisations, the National Governors’ Association, employers groups and the Department for Education and Department for Business have joined forces to encourage more “high-calibre people” to become governors.

There is a particular desire to recruit governors from the local community therefore reflecting more accurately the ethnic, social and economic background of the school. This is in response to a study by the University of Bath which found that 96% of governors are white and the majority are middle class regardless of the area or type of school. The study found that schools which experience difficult circumstances and have poor pupil attainment have the most difficulty finding governors with the right skills.

As governors have the responsibility for holding schools to account for their academic performance, overseeing the finances and ensuring the strategic direction, it is imperative that this body reflects the needs and ethos of the community. Local community involvement in the governing body can also build cohesion between the school and the wider community.

By employing the skills of local people within your governing body schools are able to take advantage of advice, expertise and knowledge which they may not have had access to previously. Those who become governors also benefit from the development of new skills, building relationship and positive impact for the community.

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