The building of five schools in Zambia

In 2013, Educate was given the task of building, setting up and beginning the operations of five schools in Zambia, on behalf of First Quantum Minerals, who were looking to support the Government’s aim of raising the standards of literacy and numeracy in Zambia.

First Quantum Minerals is a company that employs 5,000 adults in Zambia, many of whom have children who need education. To ensure the education of 3,000 children, five schools were required.

As a result of Educate Services’ extensive experience in successfully delivering a wide range of services to UK schools, Educate was contracted to provide project management services to support FQM’s local schools’ operator.

Educate Services provided considerable input into the corporate & school administration, recruitment, ICT, procurement and marketing & admissions work streams.

With our help, the five Zambian schools were transferred from a concept to fully functioning establishments within a year. We specifically helped with:

  • School administration – we combined all central service functions into a shared services centre in line with the operating plan and developed robust financial processes.
  • Recruitment – we recruited three Headteachers, six school leaders, 51 teachers and a number of support staff, and delivered an induction programme to ensure excellence in education from the outset.
  • ICT – we specified, procured, commissioned and supported the ICT system in each to school to help achieve the vision of having state-of-the-art technology configured to provide the most effective and innovative education experience for pupils.
  • Procurement – we implemented rigorous procurement processes to ensure value for money in the supply chain, sourcing all equipment to support the operations of the school, prioritising local supply where possible.
  • Marketing and admissions – we designed, opened and managed the admissions process to secure each cohort of pupils.
  • Teacher training – we created a model for in-house teacher training with the aim of reducing teaching staff costs in the medium term.