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Receiving feedback

We focus a lot of time thinking about how to give effective feedback but in a professional dialogue it is important to be able to receive it without responding in negative ways, e.g. anger, denial, blaming or rationalisation.  These guidelines are taken from the NHS Multiprofessional Faculty Development team and although aimed at doctors they are equally […]

Governors’ role in teacher appraisal

This is a quick overview of the governors’ role in teacher appraisal taken from the Governance Handbook. In relation to appraisal more widely, boards will want to scrutinise the content of the school’s draft appraisal policy carefully to make sure that it will support effective appraisal in the school, challenging the headteacher as appropriate. In particular […]

Research into Teacher-Leaders

Julianne A. Wenner, of Boise State University, and Todd Campbell, of the University of Connecticut, reviewed 54 reports and studies from the last 12 years to compile a literature review about what exactly it means to be a teacher leader. What exactly does a teacher leader do? Wenner and Campbell condensed the extra workload of teacher […]

Independent Schools Council: why not train your own teachers?

As an independent school, there are many compelling reasons to take part in initial teacher training including: You can train, develop and retain your own staff You will be directly involved in the trainee’s learning and development  You can share your school’s ethos with trainees You can give trainees exposure to excellent education Here at […]