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Business Continuity: is your school prepared?

What exactly is a School Business Continuity Plan (SBCP)? A BCP is a set of documents that lays out the information required to return a school back to ‘business as usual’ following a period of disruption.  A ‘period of disruption’ describes any incident either natural or man –made (both intentional and accidental) which disrupts the normal […]

School Business Continuity Plan: does your school have one?

All Maintained Schools and Academies are required to have an up to date School Business Continuity Plan (SBCP).  Do you have one in place? Academies are required to have a SBCP (see section 2.3.5 of the Academies Financial Handbook 2013) Maintained Schools are also required by the School Financial Values Standards (SFVS) to have a SBCP […]