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Ron Dearing UTC approved with bid writing support from Educate

Today Chancellor George Osborne has announced that plans to build a new University Technical College in Hull will go ahead. The UTC will help meet a surge in demand for skilled young people in the Hull area, following a boost in the local economy. The Ron Dearing UTC will open its doors in September 2016, […]

Business Continuity: is your school prepared?

What exactly is a School Business Continuity Plan (SBCP)? A BCP is a set of documents that lays out the information required to return a school back to ‘business as usual’ following a period of disruption.  A ‘period of disruption’ describes any incident either natural or man –made (both intentional and accidental) which disrupts the normal […]

The importance of outdoor play space

As a combination of safety concerns, British weather and technology keep children indoors for longer periods there is a growing importance of outdoor play space at schools. Outdoor play and learning has a variety of benefits and is often simple to implement if designed and planned correctly. The benefits of outdoor play spaces: An outdoor […]

Winning Bid

Applying for funding is something all schools will need to do at some point. The combination of strong competition and tight budgets it’s important to make sure your school’s bid stands out. The pressure on school leadership teams to secure funding can be intense and stressful, here at Educate we understand this and have teamed […]