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Nigel Middleton to retire in July 2015

A note from Nigel:  Dear Colleague, After 16 years of travelling around the country helping with appraisal and pay progression issues, I will be retiring from this area of work in July 2015 – although I will go on advising Educate as it continues to grow. As a follow-up to the advice that Neil and […]

Leadership pay information – some urgent messages for schools

Nigel Middleton and Neil Clifton have now completed their first round of national courses – as well as a briefing for the 25 LA HR departments belonging to the Pan London HR Network. Some urgent messages for schools: Before 2014-15 leadership appraisal objectives are set, governors need to have agreed leadership pay points now that all fixed ones […]

Ofsted Teaching Over Time criteria: why Ofsted don’t grade individual lessons – and why you should consider following their example

Mike Cladingbowl (National Director, Schools) has just published a new summary document entitled “Why do Ofsted inspectors observe individual lessons and how do they evaluate teaching in schools?” This very helpful document could well be shared with staff. It includes a paragraph which graphically confirms the anecdotal evidence we have gathered from the heads of […]