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Independent Schools Council: why not train your own teachers?

As an independent school, there are many compelling reasons to take part in initial teacher training including: You can train, develop and retain your own staff You will be directly involved in the trainee’s learning and development  You can share your school’s ethos with trainees You can give trainees exposure to excellent education Here at […]

The Economist: Higher teacher pay and smaller classes are not the best education policies

EDUCATION is flush with data comparisons, from the Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) run by the OECD, a mainly rich-world think-tank, which ranks 15-year-olds in core subjects every three years, to TIMSS and PIRLS, tests of younger pupils’ mathematics, science and reading levels administered by national research institutions. But such pecking orders cannot tell […]

Educate’s Top 5 Tips for Addressing Ofsted’s Appraisal and Pay Agenda

TIP 1: FOCUS ON TEACHING OVER TIME RATHER THAN OVERALL LESSON OBSERVATION GRADES. Several schools we have worked with recently have said they are moving away from giving an overall grade for a lesson; preferring instead to give graded feedback on the quality of the individual components of professional practice seen – marking, differentiation, assessment, […]