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Are we still practising eminence-based teaching?

I listened to the Freakonomics podcast last week titled: Bad Medicine, Part 1: The Story of 98.6. The podcast is worth a listen just to learn about how we came to use 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit as the basis for a healthy body temperature. However, what struck me was the discussion of how medicine has moved from […]

How to make a good teacher

In the 16th June edition of The Economist last year the cover and lead story focuses on what matters in schools, i.e. teachers.  The article reiterates prior studies that found that the top 10% of teachers impart three times as much learning as the bottom 10%. The magazine has an interesting briefing paper on Education reform which […]

Helpfulness of feedback from teachers’ evaluation

It appears that teachers in the US share similar frustrations to teachers over here.  The CEP surveyed school teachers to learn their views on the current state of the profession.  The report entitled “Listen to Us; Teacher Views and Voices” summarises these findings and concludes that teachers are concerned and frustrated with shifting policies, over emphasis […]

Wow Ofsted with your clarity around staff performance

We’ve been there. The Ofsted call arrives and you need everything at your fingertips. You are doing well and you need high impact evidence to show them – which is where we come in. Schools using Standards Tracker are able to: Present simple, easy-to-understand summaries of staff performance against specific teaching standards Highlight areas of […]

Spring Term Courses

This January and February we are offering the following courses:  IOSH-accredited Safety for Senior Leaders The course will give you the tools and knowledge you need to strategically integrate health and safety management into other business objectives to enable effective management, and use a proven health and safety management system to best effect when dealing with […]