We have added and updated features on our Standards Tracker tool

… and we would love to hear your thoughts

For those who are not familiar with Educate’s Standards Tracker tool – it is a user-friendly online appraisal system that can monitor teacher improvement against standards, quickly assess school performance and reduce admin associated with performance management at the click of the button.

Since launching Standards Tracker, we have been working hard to introduce new features to make the product even better. We wanted to let you know first what we have done:

  • Improved our triangulation tool – we have spent a lot of time getting this right and from what school leaders are telling us, this is working very well indeed.  This tool is designed to allow schools to create their own monitoring forms and to schedule them for completion across the year.  We have changed the form building tool and it is now straightforward to design and edit forms.  You can then use the scheduler to deploy the forms – in less than two minutes you can mirror your school’s monitoring timetable from your desk, you can see which events have been completed and recorded.  Another great benefit is that these forms can be linked to national standards so that as colleagues complete them, they automatically (with no work!) link to relevant teaching standards in colleagues’ records.

Triangulation Example

  • Objective Templates – these help unify the way appraisers set objectives, and have proved to be very popular.
  • Professional Skills Level Descriptors – In line with Educate’s advice around pay progression, you now have access to the Professional Skills Level Descriptor tool where you can define the expectations your school has for colleagues at various pay points.  Schools have used this for teachers and for leaders at different pay points.  This is a really simple tool and provides you and colleagues with a very effective visual image of expectations and current performance.

Get in contact with Tom Foster – tomfoster@educate.co.uk if you have any feedback or questions.

If you want to know more about Standards Tracker, visit www.standardstracker.co.uk