International School & Campus Set-up

We assist you every step of the way in your international expansion

We offer an integrated service to schools, operators, government agencies and corporates in planning, commissioning and operating efficient schools with excellent outcomes.

Our highly experienced, professional, multi-disciplinary team consists of experts who run some of the finest schools and colleges in the UK. They have had a wealth of experience delivering education projects across the globe and have held senior positions within the legal and financial sectors.

Benefit from:

  • A valuable mix of corporate and education expertise and focus, both in the UK and internationally
  • Flexibility and responsiveness, so you receive support highly tailored to your needs
  • Partnerships and relationships with other schools that can provide support in the target market
  • Comprehensive support, giving you everything you need for the planning, set-up and operation of the school from a single organisation

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I have thoroughly enjoyed my experience with Educate and would recommend them to any organisation requiring recruitment services. They obviously did their research about the type of candidates their clients were looking for and did their best to ensure the best possible fit. They epitomise the calibre and competence that organisations should strive for.

Candy Morrell, recruited as Deputy Head for Kalumbila School in Zambia on behalf of First Quantum Minerals

How we help

International School Set-up & Operation

Our services can be bundled as a one-stop shop providing an integrated and holistic offer in both school start-up and ongoing school operations.

We have extensive expertise and experience at each stage of delivery, with services including

  • Recruitment
  • IT
  • Smart purchasing
  • Teacher training
  • Performance management

In 2013, we planned, commissioned and opened five private schools in Zambia for First Quantum Minerals (FQM). At capacity they will employ 400 teachers educating 3,000 children. These schools were transformed from concept to opening in less than a year, with Educate setting up the school administration and IT systems, recruiting over 50 teachers, procuring all the equipment and managing the admissions process.

Supporting British Schools with Expansion Abroad

The need for private schools around the world is increasing, as is the demand for British education abroad.

Our support includes

  • Conducting a comprehensive market analysis: To locate the school within the right country, city and location with a suitable fee structure to ensure a high student roll
  • Getting the financial and operational model right: In such a way that offers a high-quality education in a profitable manner so as to protect and enhance your school’s brand
  • Helping you continue to deliver a high quality education in UK: Managing the workload of setting-up and operating schools internationally in such a way that the high quality education being offered in UK is not compromised
  • Identifying and developing local partnerships: Having effective relationships with the right organisations in the country of operation is key in easing the regulatory burden of setting up a school and enhancing its profile

For example, we undertook a thorough feasibility study for Cranleigh School to set up a campus in the UAE. This included undertaking a detailed market and competitor analysis, proposing a business model and school structure and assessing the associated risks.


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