Last chance to book: Dealing with Underperforming Teachers, TLR Holders and Senior Leaders Under the New Ofsted Framework – What Heads and Governors Need to Do

We are running a major London course for Head Teachers, Senior Leaders and Governors. Monday 27th April 2015 – London – Complimentary breakfast and lunch

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Governors need to: 

  • Set clear expectations of the level of performance they expect for each pay point
  • Consider regular half-termly anonymised reports on the impact of work done through appraisal with teachers and leaders identified as underperforming
Schools need to: 
  • Audit professional practice to check these expectations are being met
  • Support identified underperformers via appraisal and provide governors with half-termly impact update
This is a completely updated version of the 2009 course which Nigel Middleton and Neil Clifton ran for over three thousand senior leaders nationally and was featured in the Education Guardian.

Since then, the introduction of performance-related pay – and a much sharper Ofsted focus on the relationship between the quality of teaching and leadership and pay progression decisions – have made the systematic identification and elimination of underperformance one of the top priorities for head teachers.

Under the new framework, key governors need much more precise information on the short-term impact of action taken to address underperformance than has been the case in the past. Ineffective governance in this area is currently one of the most common reasons for schools previously rated good or outstanding now being placed in a category.

Our experience in conducting external reviews of governance has led us to recommend that key governors receive anonymised reports at the end of each assessment period on the impact of appraisal interventions with teachers and leaders identified as underperforming. The same applies to underperforming pupil groups (eg pupil premium).

Nigel (who comes from a headship background) and Neil (local authority HR) have specialised in this complex and contentious area for the last decade. They have developed skills level descriptors for each teaching and leadership pay point which have been adopted by several large local authorities as well as thousands of schools. The same is true of the pay, appraisal and capability policies they have written. Their reputation has been built on the relevance and simplicity of the everyday materials they have produced for use in schools. These have recently been updated as a result of the publication in January of the new Headteacher Standards.

The electronic delegate pack (our Underperformance Reporting Package) provides all the materials schools and governors will need to address the new inspection agenda effectively.

Why Senior Leaders and Governors Should Come On This Course

You will work with the country’s leading experts in the area:

  • To understand the legal basis of capability and the steps that need to be in place to address underperformance effectively
  • To appreciate the distinct roles of senior leaders and governors in the process
  • To recognise Ofsted’s expectations with regard to the way in which underperformance is addressed via appraisal and pay progression decisions are made
  • To recognise the importance of policies and understand how to amplify the ones you have adopted if necessary
  • To consider in detail all elements of the complete solution – law, policies, expectations, audits, short-term appraisal objectives and reports to governors
  • To return to school able to make immediate and effective use of the electronic materials in the Underperformance Reporting Package 

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