Interim School Leader Positions

With the final term of school starting many interim leaders will be thinking about the summer holidays, but what about your next post? April to June is a great time to start looking for and securingĀ an interim position for September.

With the resignation deadline for head teachers coming up, many schools will be starting the recruitment process for a new head teacher too late for a September appointment to be possible. Selecting the right leader is always a time consuming and lengthy process and not one to rush. So, for many schools, it makes sense to have an experienced interim in place at least for the first term of the academic year, if not longer. They will want to know early that they have secured the best.

Some interim leaders may also be required by the school as additional leadership support working alongside the head teacher to implement, for example, a school improvement plan or other new strategies. Then there are always consultancy opportunities for you to put your expertise in such areas as leadership mentoring and coaching, teaching and learning, performance management and Ofsted preparation to good use.

Currently at Educate we are working with several schools at all levels who are searching for interim leaders for September so please get in touch with the team on 0203 422 6507 or on We will be happy to give you more information and discuss which interim options are best for you.