Could your school benefit from green cleaning?

As a school it is your responsibility to ensure the safety and wellbeing of the people in your care during the school day.  This includes ensuring that the school is clean and hygienic but it is also important to remember that cleaning itself can also have some side-effects.

Green cleaning is an initiative which aims to reduce the use of traditional cleaning products which are high in chemicals.  This is also linked with protection of the environment through recycling and sourcing products for your school responsibly.

The green cleaning concept is based on the belief that high concentrations of chemical based cleaning products within a school environment can have a detrimental effect on the internal air quality and have adverse effects on health.  As well as the environmental damage caused by the excessive use of chemicals.

The reduction of these harmful chemicals can increase the long-term durability of your furniture as non-chemical based cleaning methods are less corrosive. It can also protect the health of your cleaning staff who have to have direct contact with these harmful chemicals on a daily basis putting them at greatest risk of any possible side-effects. There is also likely to be financial advantages as the green approach uses fewer products.

Green cleaning is best implemented through a whole-school approach but does not need to focus solely on cleaning. By restricting eating to certain areas of the school, putting large door mats at all entrances and reminding children to clean out locker spaces regularly, communal spaces need not be subject to harsh cleaning on a daily basis. It is important to involve all stakeholders within your school allowing them to have ownership of the school and therefore an interest in keeping it clean. This can also be extended to include the green purchasing of wider products such as paper and food.

If your current cleaning provider is unable to help you create a green cleaning approach you may want to read this blog about our cleaning improvement service which can help you re-tender you cleaning service.