Changing lesson observations in FE

You may have seen the Guardian article yesterday by Dr Matt O’Leary “We must take a bold step to change the use of lesson observations in FE”. The article outlines the challenges of the “snapshot” approach to graded lesson observations. The majority of FE teachers believe that single lesson observations are poor at assessing staff competence and don’t help with professional development. From our conversations with teachers and leaders in FE, we have heard the same thing.

Our online performance management tool – Standards Tracker – is one possible solution to this problem.  By triangulating evidence from multiple sources (including lesson observations) it helps to create a clearer picture of teacher performance, areas of strength and areas of weakness that require further development. This enables leaders to support and develop their staff much more effectively and drive up teaching standards. Standards Tracker monitors teaching over time, rather than taking a “snapshot” of one lesson which may not accurately reflect teaching ability.

We are happy to offer free demonstrations of Standards Tracker. If you’d like to find out how it may help your organisation, please either call me on 020 3411 1080, email me on or request a demonstration online here