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We have added and updated features on our Standards Tracker tool

… and we would love to hear your thoughts For those who are not familiar with Educate’s Standards Tracker tool – it is a user-friendly online appraisal system that can monitor teacher improvement against standards, quickly assess school performance and reduce admin associated with performance management at the click of the button. Since launching Standards […]

Educate’s Top 5 Tips for Addressing Ofsted’s Appraisal and Pay Agenda

TIP 1: FOCUS ON TEACHING OVER TIME RATHER THAN OVERALL LESSON OBSERVATION GRADES. Several schools we have worked with recently have said they are moving away from giving an overall grade for a lesson; preferring instead to give graded feedback on the quality of the individual components of professional practice seen – marking, differentiation, assessment, […]

The importance of support for middle leaders

Ofsted, in its recently published review of the E-ACT Academies, highlighted key weaknesses across many of the 16 academies. One item in the list of shortcomings was “poor quality assurance by middle leaders”. According to Ofsted’s handbook inspectors look at: How well leaders, managers and governors pursue excellence, modelling professional standards in all of their work. […]